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Upholstery Steam Cleaning.

FACT: People Spend Average 4 Hours a Day on Their Sofas And 6 On Weekends


At EXPO Carpet Cleaning we offer a Top Professional

Upholstery Cleaning Service To Any Upholstery That You Have At Your Home

Its Can Be a Sofa, Love Seat Or Any Dining Room Chair.

We offer Basic Steam Process And As Well Deep Clean Process For Upholstery With Stains

We Will Remove Any Pet Hairs And Odor And Will Renew And Refresh Your Sofa Or Love Seat

The Process Of Steam Cleaning An Upholstery Is Based On Pulling The Dirt From The Pading To

The Surface And Than Extract It And Remove All The Stains And The Greasy Protein.

That What Bring The Natural Shine Of The Fabric Back To Life

At Expo Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles there Is A Special Depertmenet That Deal Only With

Cleaning Carpets And Upholstery And Specialize In Renew And Restor Old And New Upholstery.

With A Unique Secret Cleaning Process That Is Exclusive Only To Our Clients.

We Clean Any Kind Of Materials And Fabrics From: Cotton, Kashmir, Silk, Linen, Acrylic, And Leather.

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